* Alumni's are invited to visit KLNCE whenever they visit Madurai.


The KLNCE Alumni Association will act as a forum for bridging the gap between students and alumni, guided by values and principles that will ensure the upliftment of current and future alumni with support for building social, professional and inspirational assets for KLNCE and its graduates.
The KLNCE Alumni Association's mission is to support the KLNCE mission for its alumni and future alumni through its programs, activities and events..

  • To maintain, update and manage the Alumni Information database.
  • To facilitatelife-long good relationship between college, alumni, and students for mutual benefit in academic, professional and business sectors.
  • To support for educational growth and development of facilities in KLNCE.
  • To create a good foundation for KLNCE efforts to raise funds.
  • To promote cooperation and communication between KLNCE faculty, alumni and students.
  • To encourage alumni to share their knowledge and expertise in academics, technology and industry interaction.
  • To highlight the achievements of its alumni.
  • To foster KLNCE pride among all graduates.
  • To increase alumni participation in fund raising activities.
Department Alumni Incharges
Name of the staff
Mechanical Engineering Dr.K.J.Nagarajan Assistant Professor 2
Automobile Engineering G.S.SanthaVenatesh Assistant Professor 2
Electrical and Electronics Engineering R.Sridevi Assistant Professor 2
Electronics and Communication Engineering Dr.S.Subha Associate Professor 1
Information Technology S.VijayaSharmila Assistant Professor 2
Computer Science and Engineering D.Prabhu Assistant Professor 2
Electronics and Instrumentation N.Vishnu Devi Assistant Professor 2
MCA Staff Incharge of MCA will be given later
MBA Dr.K.S.Hariharan Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.)

Alumni Parent Chapter

President :
Dr. A.N. Balaji, Professor/Mech (2000 Batch Mech)
Mobile 99420 97123

Dr. S. Parthasarathy, Professor/EEE (2000 Batch EEE)

Vice President
Mr. D. Pravin Kumar, Associate Professor/CSE (2003 Batch ECE)

Joint Secretary
Dr. J. Rajesh Babu, Associate Professor / AUE (2001 Batch MECH)

Executive Members
Dr. P.S. Kumaresh, Assistant professor (SG) / ECE (1998 Batch ECE)

Minutes of Meeting
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26-10-2019 Minutes of 30th Alumni Meeting
05-11-2018 Minutes of 29th Alumni Meeting
17-10-2017 Minutes of 28th Alumni Meeting
02-07-2017 Minutes of 27th Alumni Meeting
28-10-2016 Minutes of 26th Alumni Meeting
26-06-2016 Minutes of 25th Alumni Meeting
11-11-2015 Minutes of 24th Alumni Meeting
28-06-2015 Minutes of 23rd Alumni Meeting
23-10-2014 Minutes of 22nd Alumni Meeting
30-06-2014 Minutes of 21st Alumni Meeting
03-11-2013 Minutes of 20th Alumni Meeting
30-06-2013 Minutes of 19th Alumni Meeting
14-11-2012 Minutes of 18th Alumni Meeting



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