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PresidentThe theme of K.L.N College of Engineering’s new comprehensive compaign is “Classic, Daring, Life-changing”and academic rigor is the essential thread that knits these qualities together into a coherent experience for our students. We begin this weaving right from the start – an early start.

We want our students to know that they will have a superb four-year experience at K.L.N. College of Engineering and that the quality of that experience will depend upon hard work: their own as well as that of the faculty. Faculty expectations are high, and our students rise to those expectations.

K.L.N. College of Engineering faculty members have been unrelenting in their commitment to maintaining academic excellence. We bring to campus visiting lecturers who challenge students to think – sometimes to change their thinking: always to explore new ideas – whether about international relations, mathematical theory, or Native Indian art.

We are a reputed engineering college dedicated to an exceptional education for extraordinary students-men and women possessed of the knowledge, skills, and practiced capacity for hard work that has always characterized graduates of K.L.N. College of Engineering.

K.L.N. College of Engineering enriches and empowers students through cooperative, rather than competitive, learning. We foster close relationship between faculty and students and encourage learning to be a collaborative process among individuals, classes, and professors – all of which motivate students to learn, even after, their four years of undergraduate or three year of postgraduate study, You can’t describe this kind of environment with any statistic, but you can see the result in their graduates.

Our college has reached unprecedented heights of recognition through our innovative research accomplishments, strong graduate programs and innovative initiatives, which caters to the most technically talented young minds by offering integrated study in highly interdisciplinary fields.

As in all worthy enterprises, our strength comes from our people. Our world-renowned faculty, high-achieving students, successful alumni and excellent staff all contribute to making K.L.N. College of Engineering a fulcrum of success, happiness and great pride.

As you look through our history, you will see just a selection of these fascinating personalities along with a glimpse of exciting research activities and other initiatives that make K.L.N. College of Engineering unique. Please share in our excitement as we venture into engineering new frontiers.

Reflecting the dynamic pace of innovation in the college, we are refocusing our efforts to keep you informed:

  • We have formed a structured group in the name ISSG (Information Systems Support Group) to procure, install hardware and network related equipments, develop software for the college administration, wireless campus development and develop web applications. The other responsibilities of the group include training of students, staff, social groups and industry personnel in computer hardware and popular applications. The total cost of the computer systems has been estimated to be Rs.3 crores.
  • We have launched a redesigned website,, with improved navigation, expanded content, and up-to-date news and events
  • We have redesigned Blossoms, the quarterly newsletter to better communicate the excitement of our research and the commitment of our academic community to educating the next generation of leaders, innovators, scholars.
  • We are producing a new fact brochure that will provide a quick check of the vial statistics of the college-thumbnail metrics that will help us chart our progress.
  • We are developing a video presentation in which faculty, students, alumni, and corporate partners share with viewers the unique aspects of K.L.N. College of Engineering that brought them to the college and the wealth of opportunities available here for collaboration in research and education.

Together, these initiatives will provide a clear picture of where we are, how we got here, and where we are going. We invite you to visit the website to follow our progress as we work together to place K.L.N. College of Engineering in a position of unique transnational leadership. Your comments and feedbacks are welcome.

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